•Cabinetmaker's Toolbox •
32" W x 16 7/8" T x 19 5/8" D
82 Hours

The center panel of the drop down lid is made of Big Leaf Maple Burl from Ontario. The flanking panels are from one re-sawn board of Crotch Walnut from Oregon.
The case of the box is joined together with hand cut dovetails, 12 on each corner. The entire piece contains 96 dovetails.
Simple brass pulls add an understated elegance to the case.
The drawer fronts all came from one wide board of figured walnut. The spectrum of color on this board is magnificent.
A full-mortised lock keeps this case secure with an inlaid brass keyhole escutcheon showing the way for the skeleton key.


Made of Walnut, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Crotch Walnut, Soft Maple and brass. Finished with linseed oil, padded shellac and varnish.