•Bodger's Shavehorse •
62" W x 31 " T x 25 " D
24 Hours

Leather lines the clamp surfaces to ensure a good grip on the piece being worked.
The base of the leather-lined clamp is adjusted by pushing down on the ratcheting lever. The lever is pulled secure into the teeth by means of an old inner tube stretched and attached to its underside.
The entire horse is held together with through dowels which are glued and wedged. The sculpted seat adjust front to back with a toggle on its underside.


Made of Hard Maple and leather. Finished with boiled Linseed Oil and wax.

Designed by Brian Boggs, this horse is essentially a foot operated clamp used often in chair making. While the work is held in the clamp a pull style tool such as a drawknife or spoke shave is drawn towards the body.