•Live Edge Walnut Dining Table •
79" L x 49" W x 30" T
50 Hours

I gave a hand in the sawing of the table top slab. It came from a massive Black Walnut tree just east of Portland, Ore. The maple dovetail keys were inlaid 1 1/2" deep into the top to keep the two main branches from splitting any further.
While sawing the top we discovered that the tree was once used as target practice. A cluster of lead shot was embedded in the surface. It polished up quite nice with a scraper.
The base design came to me while looking the slab resting on sawhorses in my shop. I flipped the horses upside down and viola! The cross members on each side give it strength, and the one conncting the two bases is removable for ease of transport.


The Live Edge Dining Table is made from one slab of Black Walnut and a Western Maple base. It was lovingly bequeathed to my brother and his wife as a wedding present. It is finished with boiled linseed oil and paste wax.