•Chippendale Chair •
20 3/8" W x 39" T x 20 1/4" D
48 Hours

The splat has a continuous curve throughout which follows that of the posts. The design is based on an early 1800's Connecticut chair. Light relief carving adds depth and definition.
The seat rails have tenons which pass through the post. They are then wedged from the back and glued together in order to create a tight and secure joint. Each mortise and tenon has an octagonal pin driven through to secure the joint.
It is often said that the most beautiful part of a chair is the back. This is shown here with a purposefully positioned crest rail forming even rings that rise towards it's top. The use of forest grown Black Cherry allows such things to be controlled due to it's tight, straight grain patterns.
The slip seat is fashioned in the traditional horsehair method involving layers of burlap, muslin, horsehair and cotton.


Made of Black Cherry with a slip seat frame of Ash. Finished with brushed shellac and wax.